JML Group

The activity of JML RESPIRO forms part of JML Group. JML Group, beyond the branch described on this site, runs the activity in the branches:

    • air and water purification and environmental protection in industrial plants, dangerous waste incineration, energy consumption optimization at waste water treatment plants – JML INDUSTRY (
    • design and construction of funeral homes with crematoriums and delivery and service of cremation lines – JML FUNERIS (
    • business consulting, business outsourcing and acquisition of EU funds – JML GLOBAL (
    • back-office services for comprehensive business development – JML ASSETS (
    • advanced teleinformatics solutions to support business processes – JML SERVICE (

High qualifications and large experiences of JML Group employees and one another complementing allow to create for every branch an unique, personalized offer, based on products and business consulting. It gives extra profits to our customers.